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TBI, Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease & IPV

Repetitive mild traumatic brain injury a risk factor for Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease in women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

It is estimated that 30-74% of women beaten by their intimate partners will sustain a traumatic brain injury due to repetitive physical assault, attempted strangulation and injuries to the head, neck and face. This pilot study will investigate the possible relationships between repetitive mild traumatic brain injury (rmTBI) and early onset Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia in women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with Toronto Western Hospital and community partner WomenatthecentrE.


1. Explore the underlying neuropathology of rmTBI following IPV;
2. Investigate the neuropathophysiological link between rmTBI and dementia/AD;
3. Establish a protocol to replicate the study in the long term with a larger population of IPV survivors who sustained rmTBI.


Angela Colantonio, Reema Shafi (Principal Investigators), Nneka MacGregor, Adrian Crawley, & Halina Haag


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