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Select press and media appearances

2022 January Wilfred Laurier University. Laurier researcher finds COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating risk of intimate partner violence and brain injury
2022 January Newswise. COVID-19 has been an ‘amplifier’ of intimate partner violence: Study explores pandemic impacts on survivors, providers and services
2021 June Health and Safety To Go! Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Supporting Workers After a Traumatic Brain Injury
2021 June KITEWorks. Canada Research Chairs Share Passion for Creativity and Supporting Underserved Communities.
2021 June Health and Safety To Go! Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Supporting Workers After a Traumatic Brain Injury
2021 March KITE Stories. Why Concussions are Worse for Women.
2021 February Concussion Talk. Intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury
2021 January NINDS. Identifying strategies to advance research on traumatic brain injury’s effect on women.
2020 November NeuroMatters Fall 2020. Researcher Profile: Dr. Angela Colantonio.
2020 November Brain Injury Professional. Brain Injury Professional Expert Interview with Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT Reg (Ont.), FCAHS, FACRM
2020 April UHN Research. Bringing Violence into View: Timely study shines light on victims of strangulation and the care they receive.
16 October 2019 Global News. Brain injury’s ‘invisible epidemic’: Survivors of domestic violence
16 October 2019 CBC News. Domestic violence causes brain injuries, and advocates say not enough people are talking about it.
8 April 2019 Forbes Magazine. A Global Public Health Epidemic Going Completely Untreated: Intimate Partner Violence
17 January 2019 Newsroom, National Institutes of Health Research. Science Update: Females with a concussion more likely than males to have neck injury, NIH-funded study suggests.
7 January 2019 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers. Increased Risk of Comorbid Neck Injury in Females with a Concussion-Related Emergency Department Visit.
18 November 2018 Outside Online. Where are the women in sports science research?
11 October 2018 The Washington Times. CTE researchers seek to study more female brains.
19 March 2018 Everyday Health. 5 Ways Concussions Are Different in Women.
17 March 2018 Everyday Health. How Concussions Affect Males and Females Differently.
5 July 2017 ESPN. Why does it seem like nobody cares about female concussion?
12 June 2017 3 Women . Dr. Angela Colantiono discusses women and Brain Injury with BIST Executive Director Melissa Vigar, Board Members Celia Missios and Colleen Worsley, and Cheri DiNovo
20 April 2017 CBC News, New Brunswick. Abuse change women’s brains – but exactly how isn’t known
8 December 2016 CBC News. Canadians with traumatic brain injuries more likely to go to prison.
21 November 2016 STAT. Wanted: Women’s brains — to jump-start lagging research on female concussions.
8 March 2016 University Health Network. Toronto Rehab researcher examines sex and gender in brain injury.
7 March 2016 Toronto Star, Life/Health & Wellness column. Doctor’s notes: Why we need to pay more attention to women’s head injuries.
28 November 2015 Colantonio, A., & Stock, D. for Women’s Brain Health Initiative. Traumatic brain injury, cognitive decline & dementia.
25 November 2015 Favaro, A. CTV National News: Abuse and dementia and CTV National News Extended: Victims compromised. Does domestic violence lead to dementia? Researchers urge more study.
15 April 2015 Baxter, J. CTV News Atlantic. Housecalls: focus on brain research.
2 March 2015 University Health Network. Long-term care may not be best for adults with traumatic brain injury; other housing needed.
January 2015 Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Traumatic brain injury: does gender matter? Science fact or science fiction?
17 July 2014 Gerster, H. Torstar News Service. Nearly half of Ontario inmates have suffered a brain injury.
17 July 2014 University Health Network. Forty percent of female prisoners enter correctional system with a traumatic brain injury.
4 December 2013 The Agenda with Steve Paikin. When brain injury leads to jail.