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Reema Shafi, MA, BSc. OT Reg (Ont)

Reema Shafi

Reema Shafi has a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy (1995) and a Masters in Psychology (2002, Ohio State University), with a special interest in Psychobiology and Behavioral Neuroscience. Her research interest lies in understanding the functional organization of neuronal networks and their influence on cognitive information processing in healthy adults, post-injury (mild traumatic brain injury) and aging. Her PhD project is exploring the link between repetitive mild traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease in women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence using resting state fMRI. As an occupational therapist, Reema has coordinated and implemented a number of successful return-to-work programs. Through her research, she is also examining the role of workplace accommodations in successful employment outcomes after traumatic brain injury.

Current project #1: Investigating the role of accommodations in facilitating return-to-work after a traumatic brain injury. Research Keywords: Return To work, employment outcomes, workers’ compensation; accommodation; assault; work-related TBI; disability prevention; vocational rehabilitation
Current project #2: Repetitive mild traumatic brain injury a risk factor for Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease in women survivors of Intimate Partner Violence – a pilot study. Research Keywords: Repetitive mild traumatic brain injury; Alzheimer’s Disease; rs-fMRI; DTI; cognition