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Melissa Biscardi, MSc, RN, DOMP

Melissa Biscardi, MSc, RN, DOMP is a Registered Nurse and Osteopathic Practitioner and Research Trainee at the University of Toronto. Her clinical practice and research focuses on adults suffering with persistent post concussion symptoms. Melissa has been trained by the Carrick Institute and uses applied neurology and evidence-based approach to support the best outcomes possible for her patients. She has a particular interest in rehabilitation based interventions to help individuals with persistent symptoms recover and regain their quality of life. She is also interested in sex based differences in concussion risk, subtype and rehabilitation strategies and outcomes. Her Master of Science, under the supervision of Dr. Colantonio, looked at persistent symptoms in women and explored the novel hormone Anti-Mullerian Hormone.’ Recently Melissa was awarded the Women and Brain Health scholarship in partnership with Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.