Battered and Brain Injured

Battered and Brain Injured: Identifying and Supporting Brain Injured Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Every year thousands of Canadian women experience intimate partner violence (IPV) potentially causing permanent traumatic brain injuries (TBI), a connection left largely unexplored. This pilot project explores the extent of TBI-specific knowledge in the Toronto IPV survivor support community, and begins to bridge the divide between research and practice by developing a knowledge-to-practice network specific to this vulnerable population.  The study is being carried out in collaboration with our community partners, the Women’s Centre for Social Justice (aka WomenatthecentrE).


Angela Colantonio, Halina Haag (Principal Investigators), Nneka MacGregor, Vivien Green, Dayna Jones, Tracey Joseph, Sandra Sokoloff, Shirley Broekstra, & Nora Cullen


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