Select press and media appearances

21 November 2016 STAT. Wanted: Women’s brains — to jump-start lagging research on female concussions.
8 March 2016 University Health Network. Toronto Rehab researcher examines sex and gender in brain injury.
7 March 2016 Toronto Star, Life/Health & Wellness column. Doctor’s notes: Why we need to pay more attention to women’s head injuries.
28 November 2015 Colantonio, A., & Stock, D. for Women’s Brain Health Initiative. Traumatic brain injury, cognitive decline & dementia.
25 November 2015 Favaro, A. CTV National News: Abuse and dementia and CTV National News Extended: Victims compromised. Does domestic violence lead to dementia? Researchers urge more study.
15 April 2015 Baxter, J. CTV News Atlantic. Housecalls: focus on brain research.
2 March 2015 University Health Network. Long-term care may not be best for adults with traumatic brain injury; other housing needed.
January 2015 Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Traumatic brain injury: does gender matter? Science fact or science fiction?
17 July 2014 Gerster, H. Torstar News Service. Nearly half of Ontario inmates have suffered a brain injury.
17 July 2014 University Health Network. Forty percent of female prisoners enter correctional system with a traumatic brain injury.
4 December 2013 The Agenda with Steve Paikin. When brain injury leads to jail.